Zeese Neshamale

Zeese Neshamale

Shabbos, I felt the pain, a pulling downwards,

I stroked her gently, “Zeese neshamale, don’t go, stay with me”,

The pain subsided.
I told her that I love her, I don’t blame her for the pain I feel,
I told her not to worry, I would care for her well.
I told her how excited Moishele was to watch over his baby,
I told her to be proud that her Tatty learned and davened each day
I told her she was being born into a family of Shluchim of the Rebbe

We davened she would always make us proud.
I told her she was a bracha from Hashem and had nothing to fear
I told her we were bringing Moshiach

I prayed she would never know the world of golus
I told her I could not wait to hold her, sing to her
I told her how much I already loved her

How thankful we were that she had come
I told her my every moment was brighter

Just because she had joined me
I told her we would be a beautiful family together

We had waited so long for her  to come

I told her about a bubby and zaidy who already loved her too
I begged her to tell Hashem that she wanted to stay with me

I am sure she heard me

But our Neshomale had to go

She is watching us sadly

She wants us to know that she loves us deeply

She is grateful for the time we gave her
She will watch over us and rejoice with us

As other special kinderlach will join our family, bringing only joy, no sadness
She will daaven for Hashem to choose another Neshamale to come to be with us, to comfort us
Thank you zeeskeit for the time you were with us

We miss you and we are sure you miss us too

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