... with regard to the campaign for Taharat Hamishpacha; it is an endeavor which literally saves lives

Hayom Yom, Yud Nissan
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    • Resource and supply source for those who build and run mikvaos
    • Global Mikvah Directory, News and Mikvah Shop
    • Mikvah University for online instruction for brides and development in progress for online modules for instructors and mikvah attendants
    • Resource of articles and media to inspire and educate about Taharas Hamishpacha
    • Nearly 15,000 Users and Growing
    • Currently in four languages, working to expand further
    • SMS messaging reminders
    • Toll-free technical support
    • Ask A Rabbi feature
    • Partnering to distribute contributed funds to the building and repairing of worldwide mikvaos
    • Help support the local Crown Heights community by contributing to the many events and classes we host throughout the year.
    • Help print or reprint brochures, booklets, books and more. To sponsor a specific publication, please reach out to
    • For help planning the wedding date
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