Water – obeying Hashem’s command, moving to its’ proper place
Oceans, rivers, lakes and streams created for love of the human race.
Harboring an abundant richness, teeming within the depths so deep,
This ample bounty, nourishing our world, a legacy for us to keep.

Water – flooding the entire world with forty nights and days of rain
The evil, wicked ways of man, brought Hashem much grief and pain.
Pure and cleansing waves of water covered the terrain from end to end
Healing the world of all its’ woes, giving the earth a chance to mend.

Water - the splitting sea standing tall, contrary to all of nature’s ways,
Paving the way, for Bnai Yisroel’s escape, from Egypts’ slaving days.
Swallowing all the warriors and chariots, the horses and armored men,
The story re-told at every seder, to generations of all our children.

Water – falling gently from the sky to the parched, dry earth below,
Each thirsty leaf and petal, reaching upward to catch its vital flow.
Drinking greedily each jeweled droplet that falls in holy favor,
The deepest roots of the tallest tree and the smallest flower savor.

Water – sheltering the tiny prospect of life, as it grows deep inside,
Nurturing, protecting and shielding from the vast, harsh world outside.
The fluid of life, without which, naught in this world can flourish and thrive,
An essential basic need, every living thing upon this earth, requires to survive.

Water – filling the mikvah, a measure of forty se’ah, pure and clear,
Sanctifying our very lives with a fundamental mitzvah held most dear.
Imbuing every Jewish home with the essence of holiness and grace,
Kindling a light of nobility upon every blessed child’s face.

Moshiach will bring us to the Beis Hamikdosh in our Holy Land,
The Kohanim will perform their duties, first washing foot and hand.
Water will play its role, created especially by our Father Above,
All elements of the universe will praise Hashem with love.

No more floods and no more droughts, water will flow its proper way
The world will fill with goodness and kindness each and every day.
So when you see the rainbow, remember the promise it holds true
Wait eagerly for Moshiach, he is coming NOW, for me and you.

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