The Swan

The Swan

This happened once upon a time in a tiny, little pen,

Where a busy farmer raised a noisy group of red-brown hens.

They rolled in dirt most of the year, from spring right through the fall,

But even then, a speck of white could be seen amongst them all.

She was a bird that looked quite different, although with hens she made her nest.

She had no idea that she was very different from the rest.

Her feathers, snowy white, her neck was graceful and so long.

The chickens, clicked and clucked, but she sang a different song.

She really was a stunning swan, although she didn’t know her worth,

She kept pecking at the mud and continued scratching in the earth.

This swan lived and died a chicken's life, now I find that very sad.

Because she was treated like a chicken, she never discovered the potential that she had!

She knew nothing of her regal heritage, of her wings so strong and sure,

She thought she was a chicken, and she never even tried to soar!

Take a look at your own people, who are different by creation,

We are not the chickens of the world, but the swans of the Jewish nation.

Why should we live and act like them, and let our precious time slip by?

We must focus on our regal heritage, and use our graceful wings to fly!

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