The Blessing of Elul

The Blessing of Elul

The sun rises high each morning, bringing a day so bright and new,
Each a special beginning, filled with the promise of all we can do.
The moments pass so quickly, each one as precious as a gem,
Once gone they cannot be retrieved, oh how we must cherish them.

The blessing of the month of Elul heralds this years’ final days,
The blowing of the shofar awakens us to contemplate our ways.
Have we accomplished all we can, have we done all that we should?
Have we treated others respectfully; were we kind and good?

We know that our Father comes down to us, He waits so full of grace,
He shows us all how much He cares and loves this Jewish race.
It is time to go to greet Him, display the devotion in our hearts,
Ask Him to forgive and guide us, before the New Year comes and starts.

Our Father loves His children, no matter how foolish we may be,
We ask Hashem to bless us with bountiful goodness, thru eternity.
The days turn into weeks so quickly, the months turn into years,
We pray our lives will be filled with joy and very few sad tears.

So welcome this auspicious time, while the King is here below,
Use these moments wisely, choose the righteous path to go.
And when the shofar sounds on Yom Kippur, soon to come,
Know that a new and wonderful year is written for everyone.

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