Summer Days

Summer Days

The sun-warmed breeze gently blows all gray clouds away,
To reveal a clear and bright blue sky that now is here to stay.
Trees brightly dressed in vibrant and vivid shades of green,
Sway their long, thin arms so gently to a rhythm felt, not seen.

Another winter’s passed and spring, too, has gone its way,
The sweet, balmy days of summer invite us all outside to play.
Rainbow colored flowers flaunt their velvet petals all around,
Birds, bees and babbling brooks – what a symphony of sound! 

Children with their soft, round cheeks kissed rosy by the sun,
They swim and run, they gaily laugh, they cavort so full of fun.
Look around and marvel at the beauty of Hashem’s creation
Fill your days with joy and love, let your hearts soar with elation.

Hashem creates this world for each of us to cherish and enjoy,
Let us each fulfill our role in it - every man and woman, every girl and boy.
May the sunshine of our mitzvos chase the cold, gray Golus away,
May the warm days of Moshiach come right NOW, right here, TODAY!

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