I was sitting on my front porch.
Enjoying the California March sun.
I had been under the weather and thought
It would be good for me to bask in
some warmth.
Little did I realize how good it actually would be.
Living on the corner and having our porch a bit elevated affords me a panoramic view of the area.
I sat there enveloped in the stillness of the morning.
Greenery. Palm trees. Neighbor's landscape.
Then the inevitable happened.
My mind started to wander.
It traveled to a fruitless place, drifting to unprofitable territory.
I knew I should turn around and go back,
But my mind had a mind of its own...
‘Til I looked up, and on my left side
Staring in my face,
Was that big red octagon sign, STOP.
And you better believe it - I stopped.
I halted my negative thoughts,
Ashamed I had allowed myself that indulgence.
G-d had entered. He tapped me on my head.
I was now open for warmth, encouragement and hopefulness.
He, in His infinite sense of humor held up that Stop sign to my face.
Never mind that it was there for years, it was only NOW that I so needed to see it,
to dispel my negativity.
With Him covering all the intricate details of one’s life; there is absolutely no reason to worry, to be "down" or get discouraged.

I can trust and rely on Him that all is, and will be, good.

Like this plaque I saw:
“Good morning.
I am G-d.
Today I will be handling all of your problems.
I will not need your help.
If you need to contact me, I am only a prayer away.”

I looked at the bold Stop sign and I smiled.
I was comforted.

The next day, I took my prayer book out to the front porch.
I looked to my left, saw the STOP sign, smiled, and started my daily prayers
With joy, of course.

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