My Yiddishe Mama

My Yiddishe Mama


Dedicated to my beloved mother Chana a”h bas R’ Nochum Eliyahu a”h

 Sitting on a low chair.

People coming. People going.

Crying. Talking. Listening.

Beautiful words, thoughts, wishes,

Warm hearts,  caring people.

What a special, wonderful mother!

Seven days

Tears are shed. Smiles break through.

The moment is yours.

Your beauty, grace and spirit

Spoken of with love and admiration.

Seven days

People come, call, write.

Express their love, the words of their heart.

What an inspiration you were to so many.

You touched countless lives with your smile,

Your kindness, your generosity.

Memories flood my mind, my heart, my soul.

Mama, I miss you so.

What I am, I am because of you.

Your love, your guidance.

Your training, your teaching.

Your words, your comfort, your embrace.

Molded me into who I am today.

Your unconditional love never ceased.

Never wavered.

It is with me yet.

It shall remain so all the days of my life.

When I speak to my children,

I hear your voice, your words.

When I pray for my children,

I hear your prayers, your hopes, your dreams.

Your life was never easy,

Yet your smiles made it look so.

Your home was always open,

Your table filled with those who needed a warm, delicious meal,

A welcoming face, an open ear, an overflowing heart.

You touched many lives, over many years.

You will always be remembered.

A Woman of Valor, so gentle, yet so strong.

So simple, yet so wise.

No judgments made.

Acceptance, comfort and advice,

Freely and easily given.

There for those who needed you,

No matter what you were going through yourself.

I know that I shall try to measure up,

To be half as good as you,

To learn from you

To give as you gave.

You did it so effortlessly,

So easily, it was just a part of you.

Your skill in the kitchen is legendary.

Your meals delectable,

Filled with the spice, the spirit of your innate personality.

Oh, how the heavens must be rejoicing

A golden neshama arrived on high!

Your time on this earth was so short,

Not nearly enough, for those of us who love you!

I know you will watch over us from above.

I pray we give you great Yiddishe and Chassidishe nachas

Always. In all ways.

I will strive to be the best I can be,

The best wife, the best mommy, the best bubby,

The best great bubby one day,

You have shown me how.

You have left a royal legacy

Children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren,

Shomrei Torah and mitzvos.

I pray to do the same.

I love you, Mama!

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