About Mikvah

About Mikvah
Is the Mikvah Still Relevant Today? 

Take a hard look at the number of marriages that begin in love but end in failure, frustration and misery. Nowadays it's hard to believe in "happily ever after."

Look again! G-d has already given us a "how-to" guide. His precious laws of mikvah can help us find complete fulfillment within a sanctified marriage that is caring, romantic and strong enough to last a lifetime.

The Mikvah Is Just For Women, Right?

Yes, it's your wife who visits the mikvah every month. But it's a part of a man's life too. It's part of the commitment a man makes to his marriage, his family and the life he shares with his wife.

More and more couples are discovering that Mikvah observance can reinforce the fiber of domestic life. By accepting G-d into their marriage, they can develop an intimate relationship that is continually renewed and revitalized.

Do I have Time for the Mikvah?

You're an achiever! You live on the edge, thrive on pressure, and juggle career, home and family with ease. But it's not easy, is it? You never find that "quality time" they talk about. Your family's running cool. Better find time to do something about it!

Throughout our history, the Jewish family has enjoyed a legendary reputation for stability. In His precious laws of mikvah, G-d gives us the secret formula for a marriage based on trust and permanence and a family strengthened by certainty and continuity.

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