A World of Good

A World of Good

A gentle, new soul flitted to earth one day.
She traveled all around then began to pray,
“Hashem please help me, what shall be?
There is so much evil - it is all I can see.

I see wars and fighting, sickness and woe
Tragedy and sorrow wherever I go.
Who are the people that live down here?
They seem to be filled with anger and fear!”

Hashem sent an angel down in all haste
Time is so precious - it must not go to waste.
“Come, little neshoma,” the angel did say,
“Take my hand.” And together they sped away.

They flew for a bit then they came to a stop,
“Watch out below, we are going to drop”
They hovered over the walk of a busy town
They could not be seen, as their eyes gazed down.

The angel pointed to a young boy walking fast
Pausing as a blind man walked slowly past.
Noting a ditch in the pavement - a dangerous place
The boy guided the blind man, assisting with grace.

They flew further on to a house, small and neat,
They peered in the window – a site precious and sweet.
Father learning Torah with his children, loud and clear,
Mother baking challah while her toddlers played near.

They soared away then landed in a wide, tiled hall
Beds filled with ill patients lined every long wall. 
A group of school children were making their way round
Dispensing comfort and smiles to each person they found.

Their next stop brought them to a huge busy mall
People hustling and bustling, they had no time at all.
Yet there on the side stood several suited young men
Helping lost Yidden with Tefillin, again and again. 

“Do you see, dear neshomela, a world filled with good?
It is everywhere around us and seek it you should.
The wickedness appears with great clamor and gloom
It is kindness and virtue that save the world from doom.”

Hashem sends each neshoma to this earth so vast
He gives each a mission that a lifetime will last.
Fill each day with mitzvos and all that is true
Be the best you can be as a both person and Jew.

One day the goodness will outweigh all the bad
The world will be happy; everyone will be glad.
Moshiach will bring unbounded triumph and joy
Every heart will rejoice with every girl, every boy.

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