A Home of the Heart

A Home of the Heart

She glances round the house, at walls now stripped bare
She saw outlines of pictures, now no longer there.
She thinks of this house and all it has seen
The silence now echoes where voices have been.

She rests on her cane as she goes through each room
Her memory brings lightness to the stark, empty gloom.
Oh, the life that transpired in this house, now so old
She had been just a kallah - so young, brash and bold.

She came to this house, her dreams shiny and bright
Many were realized and some weren’t quite right.
She was much older now - she hoped wiser as well
She’d built a life in this house – what stories it could tell.
The time and the years had flown quickly away
It seemed the birth of her children was just yesterday.
They had grown up in this house, times both good and bad
By the grace of Hashem – the joy outweighed the sad.

Her children wed from this house; brought her babes of their own
Her nachas multiplied ten-fold, from the seeds she had sown.
Sometimes she wished things did not change quite so fast
But time keeps moving on – one can’t dwell in the past.

This house holds the spirit of love and family so dear
Will her heart and her mind keep it alive, crystal clear?
From the scrapes on the floors to each wall’s little crack
She must leave them behind, there was no looking back.

She walked out the front door, kissed the mezuzah fervently
Watch over this house, she thought – keep it for a new family.
May these walls ring once more with the vibrant voices of life
May happiness fill the years, may they know little of strife.

She joined her husband, her life partner – soul mate
It was time to move on and she must not be late.
Good bye, dear old house, you have been a good friend
You have sheltered us well, yet this, like all things, must end.

As they tread down the path, the rose bushes seemed to sway
Acknowledging their departure, in their own rose bush way.
Confidently they strode forward, the man and his wife
May Hashem bless their next home, for the rest of their life.

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