A Holy Garden

A Holy Garden

A family is a magnificent garden
It must be cultivated with great care,
It is the most valuable, holy place
A couple may be blessed to share.

The home is the garden’s soil
Water it with Torah and great love,
Feed it with peace and happiness
Cherished gifts from the One Above.

Into this fertile and wonderful garden
Nestle each new life’s tiny seeds,
Carefully nurture and tend every one
Be attentive for the wicked weeds.

Each seedling will yield a flower
Unique in color and in scent;
Treasure the varieties among them
Each exclusive and heaven sent.

As the garden grows so vividly
Across the flow of passing years,
Hold it dear and protect it well
Pray it yields much joy, not tears.

It is a task that once has started
Will never truly be complete,
As each flower reaches maturity
New buds blossom - so very sweet.

Some day, some time in the future
Gaze upon this garden, see how it’s grown,
Thank Hashem for its fragrant splendor
Reap what has been so attentively sown.

This labor of love will bear splendid fruit
The result of much painstaking care,
An abundant nachas to fill the soul
This garden most precious and rare.

The dazzling color and perfume
Grant glory to our Father Above,
He prizes this great nachas as well
From the people He has chosen to love.

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