You Are Not Alone - Soft Cover

You Are Not Alone - Soft Cover
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You Are Not Alone, by Esther Gross. With her practical intelligence and warm human understanding, Esther Gross has been very successful in helping people improve the quality of their lives.

Wrought with care and commitment, this enlightening book is rich with the author's graceful prose. In a personal and readable way it conveys valuable insights and helpful techniques that will empower you to transform "pain" into "gain", using life's inevitable challenges as tools for growth.

Not just for those who are suffering, this book is for all of us who strive to enrich the fabric of our lives.
REVISED & EXPANDED - Includes New Chapter on Living with OCD

Esther Gross has been conducting self-help workshops for women for nearly a decade, enabling them to develop coping skills to overcome adversity as well as find meaning in their lives. Paperback
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