Perach Yisroel - A Womans Guide to the Laws of Niddah

Perach Yisroel - A Womans Guide to the Laws of Niddah
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a Woman's guide to the Laws of Niddah by Rabbi Binyamin Forst. Knowledge of the laws of niddah is absolutely essential for every married woman, and in this book, Rabbi Forst performs an invaluable service. This book is tailored to the specific needs of women and contains several chapters that are particularly important for kallahs. It is complete, yet not too technical, so that one will not be overwhelmed by the material. It is authoritative, but does not claim to replace the competent Rav. It will remove unnecessary doubt and insecurity from countless delicate family situations, and let conscientious people know what to do and when and how to ask. Beautifully bound in a metallic padded cover, this book makes an excellent gift. Hardcover.
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