Here is how you can can help promote Mikvah for Eretz Yisrael:

Schedule a Mikvah education evening for your community between now and the end of Adar 1, 5784. 

Choose between two offers to make the evening a success:

One: An Intimate Waters Presentation and a Gift Package for 20 attendees - empowering you to teach this Mitzvah on your own! 
Gift value over $550 and includes Mikvah Meditations, Brochure, Checklist and Cloths.

Two: Have and Mikvah USA co-sponsor a speaker of your choice, for a larger scale event.
50% of the speaker's fee will be covered with a max gift of $1000.

Let us know your plans by clicking here to fill out a form with your gift of choice!

Click here to check out a template graphic for your Mikvah Event invitation. It's not mandatory, but feel free to use it if it helps!

May we merit the complete redemption  of our people and our land with the coming of Mashiach swiftly!

Reminder: The form will be closed on Rosh Chodesh Adar 1. Please ensure you utilize this opportunity and let us know your plans before that date. All events for this initiative should be scheduled before the end of Adar 1 5784, as indicated in the campaign graphics. Please ensure all speaker invoices are submitted before Purim 5784.  Payments will be completed before R"C Nissan bez"H.

Please note: we will ship the gifts free to U.S. addresses only. We are happy to include global locations in this initiative - they will be billed for shipping though.