Will The Sun Shine Again?

Will The Sun Shine Again?

The sky above is heavy and gray; it echoes the pain in my heart.
A beautiful life has ended this day, will the sorrow ever depart?

When will the sun shine once again? When will it thaw the deep cold?
Why can’t I hear the song of the birds? Why do my limbs feel so old?

Time will pass and time will heal, everyone says this is so
She’s gone on to a better place; no more sorrow will she ever know.

Hashem has a plan they tell me, all He does is solely for good
Her time here was all her soul needed, its purpose to fulfill as it should.

I hope and I pray that this melancholy will lift, that my lips will smile again
I wish her to be remembered forever more, for the beauty she carried within.

She touched many lives in a short time, her compassion a true revelation
Gentle humanity glowed in her eyes, her faith gave divine inspiration.

Some day the sun will blaze anew, in skies that are clear blue and bright
The stars will twinkle and sparkle too, in the dark velvet sky of the night.

The melodies of the birds will resonate, my step will grow lighter once more
I have faith that Hashem will heal me, though I may see no more than before.

I cannot presume to understand His ways, to comprehend all He does know
My purpose is simply to trust in Him and let Him sustain me wherever I go.

In His infinite goodness and kindness, in His great love of every single Jew
May He bring Moshiach quickly to free us, return our loved ones to me and to you.

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