The Chupah

The Chupah

"In honor of the marriage of Rebecca to Harry on the 15th of Tamuz, 5772 - July 5, 2012"

The chosson stands tall, his eyes closed, deep in prayer,

The kallah circles round him, her gown sweeping the air.

Candles burn brightly, held aloft by parents so solemn, so proud,

Generations of ethereal ancestors stand silently midst the crowd.


The seventh circle is completed; she stands at his right,

Together they prepare to greet a future, filled with promise, so bright.

They sanctify themselves to each other with words ancient and holy

Their souls join as one, they belong to each other, solely.


Every eye focuses upon them, wishing them a wonderful life

Blessings of happiness are sung for this brand new husband and wife.

May Hashem smile upon them always; fill their lives with revealed good

May their every prayer be answered from Above, as it should.


The glass is placed upon the floor, the chosson stomps with all his might

At no other time is something such a joyous sight!

Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov! The music blasts loud and clear

A new life has begun! May it be filled with peace and good cheer.

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