I Am Just Like You

I Am Just Like You
I am just like you, 
Bubbling and ecstatic
A newlywed at last.
Amid the jovial atmosphere
I glance at my partner,
Contemplating the future.

I am just like you,
Adjusting to a new life
Basking in the new reality.
I await the moment
When we will create a new link
In our family.

I am just like you,
I envision the moment
I exalt in the possibility.
Months slip by
Life continues 
But I am still waiting.

Am I just like you?
Do you wait so long
For the gift of a child?
But is it right to sigh
To lower my head and cry
Or submit to silence?

I am just like you,
For just as you have a gift
I have one too.
Another cycle passes,
One more month to explore
My trust in G-d.

I am just like you,
You enjoy your life
You rejoice in the everyday.
I do too,
Today is today, it is good
And tomorrow will be better.

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