A Trace of Eden

A Trace of Eden
My dear child, pure bundle of joy
In my warm embrace I cradle you today
And I whisper about a gift of infinite value
Bequeathed to you as you journey into life.

I sing to you a melody of the ages
A unique mystical bond gifted to you
Only I, your loving mother
Entrusted with the power to bestow.

My dear child, my little miracle
As I immersed in the divine water of the mikvah
An infinite presence of purity
Was instilled in your soul.

As I was enveloped by a stream sourced in Eden
A treasure of sanctity permeated your spirit
An everlasting attribute
An asset one  cannot trade

Today I envision the ripple effect of my noble act
A fountain of blessings for all your tomorrows
I gaze at your angelic expression and I rejoice
My gift will reflect in your regal essence always.

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