A Tiny Seed A Precious Flower

A Tiny Seed A Precious Flower

A seed is planted in a small pot of earth,

Placed in the window we await its birth.

Imagining its beauty, its colors so rare

We wait to tend it with loving care.


In a magical moment the flower blooms,

Yet it carries a warning that danger looms.

It’s delicate, precious and ready to grow

What does its future hold, what can we know?


Oh precious flower, we are fighting for you,

With words and with tears doing all we can do.

Father in heaven, please show us Your care

Oh please, Hashem won’t you show us You hear?


Give our flower a real chance to thrive

Take away the danger, so it will survive.

Enough is enough, we demand and we cry

Please let our prayers reach You on high.


The world and its workings are all in Your hands

Why must there be pain? We can’t understand.

Are You not our Father watching from above?

Please show us Your compassion, show us Your love.

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