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Featured Articles

A Tiny Little Bundle

Each life is a miracle. Sometimes, that miracle is here for just a moment in time. Only Hashem understands why. Read More...

Kissing in Public

I have an issue with religious Jews. They have this thing about not showing affection in public. You would never see a very religious couple holding hands walking down the street and certainly not kissing in public, as it is considered immodest. Read More...


Water – obeying Hashem’s command, moving to its’ proper place Oceans, rivers, lakes and streams created for love of the human race. Read More...

Miracle at Sea

I was in Bangkok, Thailand when, Ronit, my husband's cousin, told me her personal story. Before there was a mikvah in Bangkok, women would have to travel down to the seaside and tovel themselves in the sea. Read More...


Judaism is very realistic in its understanding of human sexuality. It understands there is love between men and women that is unique and total, that reaches fulfillment in physical expression. Read More...