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Featured Articles

Doctor Phil - NOT

We have never attended a couple's retreat. We do not have a therapist. We have never had a his & hers spa day. We've never even watched an episode of "Dr. Phil." Read More...

Lifesource: Sholom Bayis The Lifesource of a Jewish Relationship

A relationship, whether with a good friend, a sibling, a parent or especially a spouse, is alive only as long as life is breathed into it.  Read More...

Understanding Mikvah and the Laws of Family Purity

The world's natural bodies of water- its oceans, rivers, wells, and springfed lakes - are mikvahs in their most primal form. They contain waters of divine source... Read More...

Why I Love The Mikvah

There are so many reasons to love the mikvah (Jewish ritual bath).

At My Age

The following is a five part series of correspondence from a woman learning of Mikvah, after menopause, for the first time. Please enjoy this inspirational exchange and follow her journey of discovery. Read More...