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Featured Articles

Entering the Mikvah

It was as scary as anything I'd ever done, and I wasn't sure why. As a Reform Jew, my sense of being commanded by G-d does not come with a set of 613 unambiguous instructions... Read More...

I'm Worth It

Thank G-d, our eldest son finally married about 18 months ago,-- and to the most wonderful woman, Our family has waited a long time for this miraculous brocha (blessing); he turned 39 years old on his wedding day!  Read More...

Wicked Children and Post Modern Parents

One thing I never understood in the Haggadah of Pesach. What's so wise about the Wise Son? He asks his parents, "What are all the laws that our G-d has commanded you?" Read More...

Sacrificial Lamb Anyone?

"Sacrifice" is not a word one hears very often these days. It seems to pretty much have fallen out of our lexicon. It has a negative ring to it, like giving up something precious or losing out on something big. Nobody is getting in line to be the "sacrificial lamb." It simply has a bad vibe to the modern ear. Read More...

A Fresh Look At The Mikvah

Once a month, after nightfall, my wife keeps a secret appointment. Neither our neighbors, our friends, nor our children know where she goes, although our children sometimes wonder why she returns an hour or so later with her hair wet. Read More...