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Featured Articles

The Blessing of Elul

The sun rises high each morning, bringing a day so bright and new, Each a special beginning, filled with the promise of all we can do. Read More...

Intimacy Crisis

I think we can all agree that in our world today, in the free world certainly, there is an intimacy crisis. We have a problem with intimacy. Weíre afraid of intimacy, yet we agonize over the lack of it. Read More...

The Swan

This happened once upon a time in a tiny, little pen, Where a busy farmer raised a noisy group of red-brown hens. Read More...

Why No Flowers?

Is there something wrong with placing flowers on a grave? Why do I see stones placed upon the headstones? Read More...

Trimming the Wild

What is the idea behind leaving a child's hair uncut until the third birthday? Read More...