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Featured Articles

Dearest Kallah

Mazal Tov! You are about to begin a brand new chapter of your life and I wish you bracha and hatzlacha in every aspect of your journey. Read More...

Woman, Man and Fire

Some of our sages probe not only the words of the Torah, but each individual letter as well. The foremost exponent of this method was Rabbi Akiba. It was he who taught: “If husband and wife are deserving, G-d’s Presence dwells in their midst. If they are not deserving, fire devours them.” Read More...

Choosing A Mate

Avrohom decided to send his trustworthy disciple and right-hand man, Eliezer, to find a suitable wife for Yitzchok. The modern mind finds it difficult to understand why Yitzchok agreed to allow Eliezer to choose a wife for him. Is this a matter in which one can rely on others? Read More...

Relationships With A Capital R

We all have relationships at various levels. There are shallow ones. And there are deeper ones. Then there are ‘Covenantal’ ones. What's a 'Covenantal' relationship? It's an attitude that takes relationships to a whole new level. Read More...

A Tiny Little Bundle

Each life is a miracle. Sometimes, that miracle is here for just a moment in time. Only Hashem understands why. Read More...