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Featured Articles

Amazing Challah

Enjoy this entertaining video on the wonderful mitzvah of making Challah. Read More...

Kissing in Public

I have an issue with religious Jews. They have this thing about not showing affection in public. You would never see a very religious couple holding hands walking down the street and certainly not kissing in public, as it is considered immodest. Read More...

Does G-d Have A Feminine Side?

Why is G-d always referred to in the male gender? We call Him our Father, our King, and always a "He". Surely G-d is not a man. Why does Judaism perpetuate this patriarchal male dominance? Read More...

The Art of Baby Naming

My wife has entered the seventh month of pregnancy, and we have started discussing names for our baby. She wants something traditional but...

Isn’t Wearing a Wig Over Hair Pointless?

Isn’t wearing a wig over hair (especially if the Wig is nicer than the hair) pointless? Read More...