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Featured Articles


Teaching priorities to our children, learning them for ourselves, can be a challenging task. Torah clearly shows us how to prioritize! Read More...

A Tiny Seed A Precious Flower

Written from the heart trying to understand Hashem's ways, this poem touches the soul. Read More...

Valerie's Story

I didn't go to the mikvah every month. (Few people I know do.) I am content that I went to the mikvah the night before my wedding, no one can ever take that night away from me. Read More...


I was sitting on my front porch. Enjoying the California March sun. I had been under the weather and thought It would be good for me to bask in some warmth. Read More...

Single Factor That Builds Relationships

As a seasoned marital professional, I have intimate knowledge of thousands of individuals and their relationship problems. I want to share with you the single factor that towers above all others, which when judiciously applied, determines relationship success or otherwise. That magic ingredient is “acceptance.” Read More...