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Featured Articles

Fear of the Darkness

Our five year old is an only child who has been a difficult sleeper since birth and has developed a severe fear of the dark. Every night she wakes up crying, saying she's had a bad dream.  Read More...

Uncovering the Oneness

Everybody loves a wedding. The love, the excitement, the heartfelt anticipation of a deep and lasting bond. When we speak about the beauty of marriage, we speak of deep commitment and selfless, unconditional love. But what does that really mean? Read More...

The Gift of Loss: Talking About My Miscarriage

Even though statistics show that many women reading this right now have experienced the loss of a pregnancy, most of these women have not and likely never will publicly address or even mention in private the fact of their miscarriage. Being that this kind of death is a fact of many women's lives, and that silence and shame only exaggerate the pain, I am opening up about my own miscarriage, which occurred a little over two months ago. Read More...

CHANA The Grace of Woman

Hashem gave woman a beautiful gift. He gave her three very special mitzvoth characterized by the acronym CHANA – Challah, Nidah and Hadlakat Neirot. Rearrange the letters and the word forms HACHEN– meaning grace, a state achieved by the woman who takes upon herself the performance of these three beautiful and crucial mitzvoth. Read More...

Who Is Rich?

Can I afford a large family? Should we have a big family and hope for divine assistance to maintain our standard of living? Read More...