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Featured Articles

Holy Matrimony

Picture the scene. A young man announces his engagement and arrives at the synagogue to book his wedding. The rabbi discovers that he is a kohen and his fiance is a divorcee, convert, someone previously married out of the faith, or perhaps the daughter of a non-Jewish father. Read More...

Mikvah During War

I live in an area that has exactly one minute to get to safety when the sirens start shrieking Read More...

Pidyon Haben - Redemption of a First Born Male

G-d originally designated the firstborn as those who would carry out the priestly duty in the Mishkan (Sanctuary). Shortly after receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai, the Jewish people collectively committed idolatry by serving the Golden Calf.  Read More...

Something Precious

Hashem has a plan for each of us. Often the goodness of that plan is hard to see and His kindness evades our simple view. One woman writes of her trust and faith in all that He does, even through her pain. Read More...

Eleven Parenting Beliefs to Raise A Healthy Child

No parent is perfect, not I nor you. Your task is to do your best which will include at times mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are obvious or sometimes you will only become aware of them in hindsight. Read More...